Common New England Spiders

What sort of arachnids are spinning webs around you?

In New England, there are a variety of spiders that inhabit both the exterior and interior areas of buildings. While most spiders are harmless, it is always good to be able to identify common spiders in the area so that one can know if they encounter a poisonous variety. Here, are several common New England spiders along with the characteristics that aid in identification.

Ground Crab Spider

crab spider, green with white-green abdomenCrab spiders are common throughout the United States; however, they are particularly prevalent in the New Hampshire area. These spiders can be identified according to their crab-like appearance that includes having longer legs at the front of their body with a smaller pair located in the back. Although their bite does not generally cause a serious reaction, some people are allergic to their venom and may require medical assistance.

Banded Garden Spider

banded-garden-spiderThe banded garden spider builds its webs between plants and other structures in garden areas. This type of spider can be found throughout Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire during the fall. Although garden spiders tend to be fairly harmless when left alone, Insect Identification notes that the female can inflict a painful bite if she is guarding a nest.

Wolf Spider

wolf spiderThe wolf spider can be found throughout New England. While their venom is not known to be harmful to humans, many people find that the size of their fangs can contribute to a painful bite. Wolf spiders are among the largest household spiders and are covered in a layer of fine fur-like hairs that can range from black to yellow-brown.

Venusta Orchard Spider

Orchard Spider, VenustaIn the forests of Massachusetts and Vermont, the venusta orchard spider may lurk. This colorful spider is bright green with splotches of red, yellow or orange on its abdomen. Although they tend to be found most often in forests, venusta orchard spiders can also be found building webs between trees, stands and other structures outside New England homes and businesses.

Spiders are all around New England

Recognizing common spiders in New England is an important part of pest prevention for residential homes and businesses. While most spiders pose little threat to humans, they can still contribute to unsightly webs and painful bites. By being able to identify the difference between a dangerous spider and one that can be helpful in the garden, New England residents can be better prepared for handling an encounter with common spiders.

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