How to Keep Mice Outside When Winter Hits

When winter arrives, everyone enjoys having an indoor haven that provides shelter from the cold. However, as you snuggle up in your cozy living space, keep in mind that it is that same warmth that will tempt rodents to venture inside. To keep your home pest-free all winter long, check out these tips for to keep mice outside as the temperature drops.

Trim Branches from the Roof

Mice are wily little critters that are experts at scouting out ways to get into a building. According to the Maine Integrated Pest Management Council, the gymnastic feats of the common house mouse include running across horizontal cords and limbs, and they can jump up to 13 inches high. Keeping your tree branches at least three feet away from your roof is one way to prevent an attic invasion that could spread to the rest of your house.

Store Food in Airtight Containers

When mice come indoors, they instantly begin hunting for food. Although mice can eat anything, they prefer grains and sweet treats. Be sure to store all food in airtight containers. While you are doing so, be aware that mice will also eat pet food, seeds and can subsist on the tiniest of spills. Clean up all food as soon as possible and try to put out only enough food for your pets to eat at one meal.

Seal Exterior Cracks

Although sanitation is important, mice can still live in a building with minimal food. Therefore, the best preventative measure to take is to seal any cracks that could be used by mice to come indoors. The Illinois Department of Health recommends sealing any crevices that are larger than one-fourth of an inch. This can be done using steel wool and caulking, or you can look into more permanent repairs.

The intelligence and ingenuity of mice make them a formidable contender when keeping them out of your property. Therefore, it is important to start early with preventative measures. In addition to sanitation and exterior repairs, you may also consider having a professional service do a thorough inspection to identify any areas you may have missed. Then, you can enjoy your winter warmth without worrying about mice scurrying about your home.

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