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Are you seeing signs of bed bug activity? Home and business owners from New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island trust Bain Pest Control to treat bed bug problems with proven safe, effective methods. 

In the last ten years, more homes and businesses have been reporting issues with bed bugs. It has been an increasing problem in apartment buildings as well as college dormitories, hospitals, nursing homes and even hotels. Bed bugs can survive without hosts for up to one year, and their eggs are impervious to many pesticide treatments. As a result, just a few bed bugs can quickly spread into a much larger issue.

At Bain Pest Control, we are committed to continual education so we can provide our customers with the latest, most effective treatment methods to protect your property from bed bugs.  We can help educate you and your staff on signs of bed bug activity, provide tips for prevention, and determine the best treatment options to eliminate bed bugs and provide ongoing protection.

Through our multidisciplinary approach to pest management, we offer both chemical and non-chemical treatment methods.  All of the methods we use are guaranteed safe to protect your staff, guests, and property with minimal disruption to your business.

Currently, we offer two bed bug treatment options: traditional & heat treatments.

Bed Bug Facts

  • Studies have shown that an adult bed bug may survive over one year between blood meals, with the absence of a host.
  • When surfaces that have been treated with a liquid chemical dry, there is very little, if any, effect on bedbugs that travel over that surface.
  • Eliminating eggs is the #1 control problem. Very few pesticides can kill bed bug eggs
  • Adult female bed bugs can lay 2 to 5 eggs every day for up to 6 months
  • A single bed bug may only feed once every 7 days
  • It can take 7-10 days for a bed bug egg to hatch
  • It may take 4-5 weeks from hatching for bed bugs to reproduce


bed bug lifecycle

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