Bee and Wasp Control Services in New England

Bees and wasps are some of the most common stinging insects, and most people are familiar with the painful sting they can deliver. Bees and Wasps can torment children and pets and are a hazard to have around your house. When a nest is located, it is important to remove it. Doing so can be dangerous since the swarm becomes agitated and may attack. It is important to destroy the nest when the area is clear and no one is in danger of the swarm attacking. While some nests are visible, others can be hidden in walls or crevices making them difficult to eliminate on your own.

At Bain Pest Control, we have been handling bee and wasp control for almost 90 years. Our experience and commitment to the customer make us the obvious choice to handle bee and wasp control needs across New England.

Coverage Options

Our Pest Management Professionals (P.M.P.s) have dealt with bee and wasp nest removal countless times over the years, and are happy to help you with bee and wasp control.

–If you have bee or wasp problems at your home, control service is covered under our Home Protection Plan (H.P.P.).

–For industries that have bee and wasp problems, we offer Commercial Pest Control Services where we set up unique IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Plans to safely and effectively target and fix immediate problems, as well as provide monitoring and maintenance services. Each industry is different, so our IPM Plans choose to use the best techniques depending on what works best for each business.

–For bee and wasp control at Schools and daycares, we at Bain Pest Control can safely and effectively eliminate the nests without putting the children or staff in danger. Schools fall under our Commercial Pest Control Services. Our IPM programs for schools comply with the Children and Families Protection Act in Massachusetts.

To find out more about our bee and wasp control services offered or to set up a bee or wasp nest removal, call us today at 800-272-3661 or request a quote by using our form.

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