Termite Swarming

Do you have little black winged insects invading your home? Are some of them shedding their wings as they crawl about? Do they look like ants? Well, they could be termites! Termite swarming begins in the spring–specifically around the time of spring when the forsythia blooms.
Swarming termites do look very much like ants. They emerge from their subsoil nests in the springtime to try to establish new colonies. Don’t worry, it is very rare that they can nest in your home. Their goal is match up with a mate and burrow back into the soil to create a new termite colony.

But they all died, so I do not have an issue...

This is a common response after someone experiences a swarm. Although many of the swarming termites may die as they are exposed to the air for long periods of time, it most certainly means that there are worker termites feeding in and around the swarming area. You may not be able to see them or the damage they are creating. Worker termites generally perform their damage in a hidden manner so treatment is must.
winged termite swarming

Getting Help with Termites

If termites are swarming near your home or business, make sure you inspect the area thoroughly for any sign of damage or intrusion (termites may use mud-tunnels to travel up the foundation of a building). If you have any questions on how to check for signs of termites, contact us today. If you’re unsure if an insect you’ve found is a termite, snap a picture and upload it to our pest identification form. And, of course, should you need termite control service, preventative or emergency, don’t hesitate to call or request a quote today.

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