Multi-unit Housing Pest Control

Prevent occupant disruption and eliminate pest problems
and get back to managing your properties.

Whether you’re managing a multi-family home, a multi-apartment building, or have a portfolio of properties, we’re here to help you correct pest problems and prevent future pest problems. We know that a pest problem can quickly balloon into an even bigger problem: you’re stressed, your tenant is stressed, your tenant’s stress causes you further stress, etc. You’ve got enough on your plate to deal with, partner with Bain, and you’ll sleep easy knowing your tenants’ won’t be feeling the bed bugs bite.

Apartment building

Service Professionals you can Trust

When you contract with any service provider to represent your care and concern to your tenants, you’re taking a risk. Our greatest strength here at Bain is in our team: we hire, train, and support the best service professionals in the industry. We’ll work with you and your tenants so that our every interaction is positive and our presence is never an added disruption. In addition, our service professionals will make sure that you and your tenants understand what is happening and how we can all prevent any further pest problems.

IPM Maintenance Plans for Multi-Unit Housing

Electronic Reporting
Electronic Reporting & Monitoring

While we can certainly work out one-off treatments, we highly recommend an IPM Maintenance plan. Pest control has the greatest return on investment (ROI) when they prevent pest issues from developing into serious pest problems. Each IPM maintenance plan is customized for each individual organization’s needs and circumstances. All our programs, though, do include:


Cynthia Sullivan

Market Mills & The Majestic Apartments
I would like to take a moment and express our sincere gratitude and satisfaction with Bain Pest Control... Working in a property management office, overseeing three buildings in downtown Lowell, we do get our share of pest issues. We work with Bain on a regular basis for all our routine pest control neeeds. Their team is outstanding! Always professional and very hard working... I am thankful for their knowledge and skill level, as well as their dedication to their jobs. I have worked with other companies in the area, and Bain is by far the best.

Quality CARE Agreement

We believe that our commitment to our customers is more than just dealing with pests. It’s about making you feel safe, clean, and content in your home or business. We care about you, your family, and your business. We summarize our commitment in our Quality CARE Agreement:

Consistency · Accountability · Responsiveness · Effectiveness

We promise to provide consistently great service, remain accountable for our work, be responsive to your needs, and always use the most effective (and safe) tactics in creating your pest management strategy.

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