Commercial Pest Control Services

Bain has the resources and knowledge to provide pest management services to every industry in the New England area. Every business is different, and we work with all our partners to create customized plans to meet their specific pest control needs. Currently, we offer to core commercial programs that can be tailored to your businesses specific needs.

Quality C.A.R.E. Commercial Plan

A Bain Quality C.A.R.E. Commercial Program is designed for commercial clients who are in need of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services that will eliminate any immediate pest issues and will provide regularly scheduled monitoring and maintenance services. Bain will customize a program, tailored to your specific needs, which will provide professional inspections/treatments, documentation of services performed, maintenance & sanitation suggestions and structured communication.

Quality C.A.R.E. Commercial Elite Plan

The Bain Quality C.A.R.E. Commercial Elite Program was developed for clients in high-tech industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing & development, food manufacturing & processing, hospitals, universities, schools and others. If your business is subject to inspections from your customers or outside agencies, or, if you perform scrutinizing internal audits, Bain will customize a plan, with an IPM approach, tailored to your specific needs. These plans will provide a high level of service, in addition to a high level of detailed documentation.

Utilizing the latest bar-code technology, we can provide you with time-stamped, detailed, electronic reports of services that have been performed within your facility and develop trend reports that can help identify where pests may be gaining access. These programs, along with structured communication, all add up to a quality program that even the toughest auditors can appreciate.

Commercial Pest Control Service for all Industries

No matter what type of business you’re in, Bain has a pest elimination service to meet your needs.

Industries Bain services:

  • Large Apartment Complex and Condominium Communities
  • HighTech and Bio Tech Facilities
  • Supermarket and Retail Chain Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Food Processing and Warehousing
  • Hospitality, Restaurants, Fast Food and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals Facilities
  • Federal, State and Municipal Buildings
  • Schools, Day Care Centers, Universities
  • Sports Complexes and Golf Courses
  • Property Management and Office Parks

Commercial Pest Services Provide:

A Copesan Parnter

copesan logoSince 1958, Copesan–a national leader in commercial pest control services–has created partnerships with local pest control companies that share similar values: dependable, effective, and customer-service focused. Copesan is more than just a company, it’s an alliance of the best minds (and companies) in structural pest control. Through its network of partners, Copesan offers commercial pest control services–to franchises, large chains, and national, commercial accounts–across North America.

As the regional partner for Copesan, Bain Pest Control Service is proud to offer it’s best-in-class pest control service to Copesan’s national commercial clients in the New England region. If you’re a large commercial client and want to learn more about how a partnership with Bain Pest Control & Copesan can help you meet your pest management and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) needs, contact us today.

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