School Pest Control Programs

school pest control quality pro certifiedBain Pest Control Services is a Quality Pro Schools certified company. Every organization has different pest management needs, and some require a more specialized approach then others; this is especially true of the school. We recognize the need for safe, effective school pest control solutions and have worked hard to create the best Integrated Pest Management programs in the region for schools.

Safe, Effective School Pest Control Solutions

Children spend countless hours in school buildings and on surrounding fields and playgrounds. Thus, the management of pests in such a sensitive environment demands special care. Bain Pest Control Services, while meeting Quality Pro, Quality Pro Green and now Quality Pro Schools qualifications, recognizes that pests in schools need to be managed in a careful and environmentally responsible way.

Each QualityPro Schools company is required to provide reduced-risk IPM services in schools. Additionally, our technicians and sales people who service schools are experienced, trained and tested on school IPM techniques above and beyond state requirements. Such additional steps clearly demonstrate that members of Bain Pest Control Service care about protecting children in the school environment.