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When Bain Pest Control came on the scene in 1926, we were prepared to do whatever we needed to do in order to provide our customers with the highest quality pest control in Andover, Massachusetts and throughout New England.
For the last 90 years, we have kept that desire to meet a high standard. Our business philosophy is that we care for our customers, and providing the ultimate pest control just fell into place.

The wide variety of services we offer ensure that we can help with all of your pest control needs, making us a one stop shop for high quality pest control in Andover.

We C.A.R.E. for Our Customers

From the beginning, we have worked to show our customers that we care about them and their needs, which is how we developed our philosophy of C.A.R.E.

  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • Responsiveness
  • Effectiveness

The tenets of C.A.R.E. act as a guide for our Andover pest control experts. Just as important as the quality of our Andover pest control is the way we treat our customers. That’s the true Bain difference: we treat each customer as if he or she were the only one.

Wide Variety of Pest Control Services in Andover

Andover pest control can be a many headed beast, as New England is home to a wide variety of bugs, rodents, and wildlife. That’s why we at Bain have developed winning strategies and methods for ridding your home or business of all kinds of pests.

Our commercial pest control and residential pest control services are many and varied, and our expert pest control professionals can work with you to develop a strategy that will rid your business or home of pests in a quick, affordable, and effective way.

We deal with a wide range of pests, including:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ticks
  • Bees and wasps
  • Flies
  • Bed bugs
  • Termites
  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Wildlife

When you notice pests in your home or your business, calling a professional is the quickest and easiest way to take care of the problem. At Bain Pest Control in Andover, we are the experts in pest control.

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