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A small, sleepy town first settled by Europeans in 1676, Ashby is known for being the gateway to scenic, picturesque Western Massachusetts. With beautiful, old homes, Ashby is truly a gorgeous town. However, with old homes comes potential pests, which love the homes as much as you do. That’s where the team at Bain Pest Control comes in to provide high-level pest control services in Ashby.

Our pest management professionals in Ashby, MA are ready to respond quickly to pest problems in Ashby and all throughout Central Massachusetts’ many communities as well as those in Southern New Hampshire.

Bain Pest Control makes it easy to rid your home of bugs and rodents, such as mice, that can cause, in some cases, permanent damage to your home. In addition to causing damage, pest infestations can create a health hazard in your home or office. We know how devastating an infestation can be, which is why we provide pest control services in Ashby and beyond to give peace of mind to homeowners across the region.

What can a Pest Control Company do for me?

A pest control inspection by a certified pest management technician will look through your home for any signs of infestation and damage that has already taken place. After a full check of the house, you will be given recommendations as to what can be done to get rid of the bugs and what pest control services in Ashby that we provide. Finally, the pests will be taken care of in a safe manner.

Pest Control Service for Ashby & Central MA

Bain Pest Control’s Residential and Commercial Pest Control services in Ashby are available to both residents and those in the surrounding communities. Call our toll-free number (800) 272-3661 or submit a request online for a free estimate.

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