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If your home has been invaded by pests—rats, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, raccoons, the list goes on—it can make you feel unsafe and like your home is unclean. A pest problem can quickly consume become stressful and unsettling.

When pests invade your home, the best solution is to call a professional pest control company to give you peace of mind. The local pest management professionals (PMPs) at Bain Pest Control are just the experts you need to get rid of your pest problem. For ninety years, we have stayed up-to-date on the most recent pest control methods, kept our PMPs trained, and remained an industry leader in pest control in Brookline.

The homes of many cultural icons are located in the town of Brookline, such as John F. Kennedy, Larry Bird, Tom Brady. Because of its semi-urban location just outside Boston, Brookline is also home to many different kinds of pests that can cause nuisances and destruction.

Brookline is familiar with pests. From possums to fleas, every kind of pest has invited themselves into Brookline homes and need to be evicted by one of our experienced PMPs. Some of the most common pests that we deal with in Brookline are:

Mice: Cockroaches: Ticks:
It’s no mystery why the sight of a mouse sends people running. These creepy, germy little rodents reproduce fast and can overrun a home in a matter of weeks. It’s best to let the pros deal with mice, and Bain’s experts know how to get rid of them. In the movies, it’s always cockroaches who survive the apocalypse. While it’s true that roaches are difficult to get rid of, Bain’s cockroach control can do the job. Biting and spreading disease are two of ticks’ favorite pastimes. You don’t want them near your home, pets, or family members. Learn more about how Bain can get rid of ticks.
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Bain’s Five-Step Approach

Since we opened in 1926, we have dedicated our business to providing reliable and effective pest control. A major part of our strategy for pest control involves providing reliable and effective customer service to all our clients.

Our philosophy is that we must get rid of pests and take care of our clients at the same time in order to truly lead the industry for pest control in Brookline. To help ourselves keep with this philosophy, we established five steps that each of our PMPs follows:

  1. Receive a call or email from a client requesting service
  2. Send a PMP to visit the client’s home on time
  3. Inspect the home and assess the problem
  4. Recommend a pest control strategy
  5. Begin the pest control process

Following these steps provides the ultimate customer service experience for our customers, as well as the top of the line pest control.

Eradicate Pests for Good!

Sometimes, a pest control case requires multiple visits from a PMP. This happens when a particularly stubborn infestation is being eliminated, and the PMP needs to make sure that he or she has destroyed all the larvae, eggs, and young of the pest in question. Other times, recurring visits will act as a preventative measure to keep pests from coming back.

Whatever your pest control case, the Brookline pest experts at Bain will get rid of the intruders for good.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

The cost of pest control fluctuates depending on a number of factors, so it’s difficult to estimate the cost without understanding the infestation. Some of the influencers include:

  • The type of pest being eliminated
  • The size of the home or yard
  • The extent of the infestation
  • The number of visits required

Because it’s so highly variable, the only way to truly know what you will spend on pest control is to request a quote. An associate will get in touch with you, and the process can begin immediately.

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