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Lexington, MA

Lexington, Massachusetts is among the most famous towns in the Boston Area, with multitudes of tourists annually making their “pilgrimage” to “the Birthplace of American Liberty” at Lexington Common. Yet, unfortunately, Lexington is also an attraction every year to hordes of unwanted insects, rodents, and other pests that invade and infest the area’s homes and businesses.

Pest Control Needs of Lexington, MA

Despite the harsh, long winters, Lexington is a likely place to encounter a wide range of insects, rodents, and unwelcome wildlife, which if they find their way into your building and are left unchecked, can do serious damage to your property.

Some of the most common New England Area pests that home and business owners in Lexington have a problem with are:

Termites, Rodents, Bees and Wasps, Bed Bugs,
both subterranean and dry wood, that can set up colonies thousands-strong and weaken and ultimately destroy all manner of wooden structures. be they mice or rats, which will hide in dark corners and in wall cavities of your home/business, contaminating food supplies, leaving trails of feces, and gnawing on pieces of furniture. which will build nests in your eaves and attics and constantly threaten to swarm and sting. a “vampire” species of insects that live in mattresses, bed frames, and furnishings and feed exclusively on human blood. Bed bugs really do “bite,” and they can leave bloody sores and spread disease.
termites rodents bee-min bedbugs
Mosquitoes and ticks, Nuisance birds, Flies and flying insects,
which threaten both pets and people. These blood-hungry, biting insects “leave marks” as they potentially infect their victims. They can make your lot virtually unusable and become a major problem at big outdoor events like weddings and family reunions. such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, which are well-known carriers of disease, will leave droppings all over your building and yard, and can also become a noise nuisance. which not only persistently buzz about the premises but constantly lay their larvae in garbage cans, spread disease, and (for businesses) project a poor image to customers who note their presence.
mosquitoe_tick Nuisance-birds Flies-and-flying-insects

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And the above-given list is not at all complete, for ants, spiders, cockroaches, skunks, opossums, and more also often become a problem for Lexington home and business owners. While simple DIY remedies sometimes work, they are frequently insufficient to eliminate the problem and prevent a quick re-infestation.

Professional Pest Control for Lexington and New England

By availing yourself of the services of a professional pest control company, you will save time, effort, frustration, and prevent further destruction of your property.

Bain Pest Control Services has been serving Lexington and most of New England for decades and has the expertise to handle all the pest-types listed above and more. Local residents give Bain great reviews, and Bain will give you a free quote and answer all of your questions upon request.

Why needlessly suffer from pest infestations and risk your property and/or customer base when you can get rapid help from Bain Pest Control by calling them today at 1-800-272-3661.

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