Efficient Pest Control in Reading, Massachusetts


This suburban town is a great place for people to go shopping and or a bite to eat. However, it is also a great place for pests to find dwellings to make themselves at home in. Reading has a long history of having great housing and storefronts, which attracts mice and bugs as well.

A pest problem in your home can be all consuming. Bugs, rodents, and wildlife that fill your home can also fill your mind, interfering with your daily life. The best thing to do in this case is call in the pest control professionals in Reading—Bain.

At Bain, our pest management professionals, or PMPs, are trained in all the most effective control methods to combat the many pests that live in Reading. We eliminate everything from cockroaches to ants to bed bugs. The following are some of our most popular pest control services:

Termites: Mice and rats: Mosquitoes:
Wood boring insects like termites can cause severe damage, so it is important to get rid of them thoroughly and quickly. Bain’s professionals can help. Rodents bring germs and illness into your home where they steal food and make nests. Enlist the help of a professional to get rid of the rodents in your home. These disease-carrying insects can be a real pain. Learn more about the ways that Bain can help eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.
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Bain’s Proven Approach

Since we opened in 1926, we have dedicated our business to taking care of our customers. We provide the highest quality pest control in Reading by ensuring that our customers are the priority.

During the last ninety years, we have developed five steps to caring for our customers and providing the best pest management:

  1. Receive a call or email from a client requesting service
  2. Send a PMP to visit the client’s home on time
  3. Inspect the home and assess the problem
  4. Recommend a pest control strategy
  5. Begin the extermination process

Thoroughly Wipe Pests Out

Sometimes, in order to completely eliminate the pests in and around your home, our PMPs have to schedule multiple visits. More severe infestations or resilient pests can require more work from a pest control expert in order to fully get rid of the problem.

Whenever your pest situation requires multiple visits, we do everything we can to let you know when the PMP inspects your home and recommends a strategy. Being up front with our customers is just one of the ways we provide an outstanding pest control experience.

How Much Does Pest Control Cost?

The cost of pest control in Reading is highly variable. There are a number of factors that influence the cost, including:

  • The type of pest being exterminated
  • The severity of the infestation
  • The number of visits required
  • The size of your home and yard

Because there are so many aspects to consider, it is difficult to give a broad estimate. The best way to get an idea of how much your pest control will cost is to contact us for a free quote.

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