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In recent years, mosquito and tick populations have continued to rise. As a result of these booming populations, the chances of you, a family member or your pet, contracting an illness related to these pests, such as West Nile or Zika Virus, Lyme Disease, or (for your dogs) Canine Heartworm have also increased.

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

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Mosquito & Tick Control Treatment - the Process

Every Mosquito & Tick Program is tailored to work in your unique environment and informed by the biology and life-cycle of both target pests. Our Pest Management Professionals (PMP), supported by the knowledge of two staff entomologists, have a clear understanding of mosquito and ticks, their habitats, breeding habits, etc. We have developed comprehensive treatment processes, utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (the process of using reduced pesticides and non-chemical procedures to help limit or eliminate pest activity) and conventional approaches. Our PMPs combine this strong foundation of knowledge and best-practices with a comprehensive inspection and review of your property. The result is a program that will work for your particular situation.

Take Back Your Yard

Each approach is performed in a low impact, environmentally friendly manner, and these approaches are audited and reviewed by our staff environmental scientists. With our help, you can reduce the presence of mosquito and ticks, so you, your family (and pets), and your friends can once again enjoy the outdoors.

Bain Pest Control currently offers three variations of Mosquito & Tick Control: traditional, green, and one-time.

Our traditional program includes four treatments to protect you all Spring, Summer, and Fall. After an inspection and site assessment, we'll use a combination of targeted-use insecticides that reduce and inhibit mosquito and tick populations.

While we use safe, targeted insecticides for our traditional, our green program is for those who want strictly natural treatment methods. After a site assessment, natural botanicals will be applied in five treatments through the Spring, Summer, & Fall.

Not interested in full season coverage? Have a wedding, family re-union, or other big party? Our one-time treatment might be right for you. Choose either traditional or green methods, and get a few weeks of tick and mosquito reduction.

Why Our Mosquito and Tick Control Service Is Different

What sets us apart from many Economy Mosquito and Tick Control Companies is our holistic approach to pest management. Our service does not solely consist of an insecticide application to your property.

  • Our Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) take the time to survey the surrounding area: identifying both problem areas that might harbor ticks and mosquitoes, AND sensitive areas that should not be treated.
  • Our PMPs are Pollinator Awareness Certified, and are trained to tread lightly around areas of your yard that will attract honey bees, butterflies, and other important, non-pest insects.
  • In addition to the perimeter treatments, larvicides (which prevent "child" mosquitoes from growing into "adults") will be applied to standing water areas to reduce mosquito breeding.
  • Rodents, mice being the most common, are the number one carrier / host of ticks in the Northeast. As a full-service Pest Control company, our PMPs can identify potential rodent issues AND put together a rodent management plan that will work in concert with your mosquito and tick program, if needed.
  • Bain Pest Control employs two Staff Entomologists and two Environmental Scientists, in addition to our 90 years in business.

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