Our People

We’re not Exterminators, we’re Pest Management Professionals!

The term exterminator refers to the old guard, spray-and-pray pest control service. Our technicians are pest management professionals: focused on safe, green treatments that minimize chemical use while maximizing effectiveness. We’re able to offer this type of service–what we feel is industry leading–because we hire, maintain, and train the best professionals in the business.

We’re the best because we employ the best!

Bain’s training curriculum is among the finest in the industry. Our service technicians undergo extensive training to provide you with the highest quality of service.

Our Staff Classroom Training

Bain has developed a full library of in-house training programs that are an integral part of every employee’s training. These programs are so comprehensive that they exceed all state training requirements for pest control operators in most areas we serve.

Classroom training encompasses such subjects as:

  • • Insect, Rodent and Vertebrate Biology
  • • Laws, Labels and Regulations
  • • Special equipment and application techniques for pest elimination


Field Training

Our technicians reinforce the theories they have learned in the classroom with “hands-on” experience in the field. Bain Supervisors conduct formalized on-the-job training using checklists to monitor progress. All technicians must pass a comprehensive final exam to ensure that their knowledge and skills meet Bain’s professional standards.

Ongoing Education & Training

Although initial training lasts approximately three months, ongoing training in the form of continuing education classes and technical schools are held routinely by Bain’s training department.

Many times, industry experts are called in to supplement these sessions to present specific product knowledge, new equipment or improved procedures to our technicians to keep them up to date on latest technology. Bain also arranges for its personnel to attend special courses and technical conferences which are provided on an ongoing basis by:

  • • American Institute of Baking
  • • New England Pest Management Association
  • • The National Pest Management Association

These groups and others are as dedicated as Bain is to improve the pest control industry.


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