Reliable Residential Pest Control

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Bain Pest Control Service in Lowell, Massachusetts has the resources and knowledge to provide pest control services for homes which are unmatched in the industry. As the premiere New England pest control experts, we can tackle your pest problem efficiently and in a timely manner. Whether your home or business is being invaded by unwanted pests, or you need a preventative program to keep your environment pest-free, Bain will be there for you.

Quality Care Residential Programs

Bain’s dedication to our customers is based around our Quality CARE commitment. Our goal is to provide affordable, high-quality, green, and highly transparent service programs that provide everything a home needs, and nothing it doesn’t. The heart of our residential pest control services is our Home Protection Plan; which is designed to provide total pest control coverage.

Home Protection Plan

A Bain Quality C.A.R.E Home Protection Plan will provide immediate attention to your existing pest issue and will subsequently provide three seasonal services throughout the year to help protect your home, in a low impact and effective manner. We will protect your home from a myriad of pests, such as:
Ants Ants Flies Flies Ground Beetle Ground Beetle Silverfish Silverfish
Box Elder Bug Box Elder Bug cockroaches Cockroaches Indian Meal Moth Meal Moth Wasp & Bee: Control, Facts, Prevention Wasp & Bee
Carpenter Ant Carpenter Ant Cricket Crickets mouse Mice
Earwig Earwigs Millipede Millipede stinkBugStink Bug
Carpet Beetle Carpet Beetle Pill Bug Pill Bug West Conifer Seed Bug Seed Bug

Centipede Centipede Flour Beetle Flour Beetle Rat Rats

If a pest issue arises in between scheduled services, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will provide treatments, if needed, in between your scheduled services, at no additional cost, for pests covered by the program.

Additional Pest Control Services

While a majority of pests are covered under our Home Protection Programs and Commercial Pest Control programs, Bain offers individualized pest control treatment plans for those insects and pests not included in our HPP. We also offer individualized treatment plans for pests covered under Home Protection Plans. Please call or email for details.

Not Ready?

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