Boxelder Bug

Boxelder BugsBoxelder Bugs feed on low-lying plants, shrubs, seeds, and occasionally some trees. They are a very common insect in the New England area, and may be recognized by their black and orange coloration. While they are active throughout the Spring and Summer, most home and business owners will not pay them much mind until the temperatures cool and they seek shelter in buildings.

Boxelder Bugs are considered nuisance pests: only doing minor damage to the plants they feed on, but often invading buildings and yards in large numbers. While they can release some odor when disturbed, they are not “stink bugs” and their scent is usually not considered offensive.

Boxelder Bug Facts

  • ~ ½ inch in length
  • Base color: black // Accent colors: red to reddish-orange
  • Nymphs are bright red
  • Active outdoors in Summer
  • Move indoors in Fall / early Winter

Preventing Boxelder Bug Infestations

As the weather cools, Boxelder Bugs will begin looking for shelter. Nothing is as inviting to the Boxelder than a warm, sunny home or commercial building. In order to keep Boxelder Bugs from invading your building, it’s important to take a few steps during the Summer months to secure your home.

Inspect your home and take note of any possible points of entry, and then seal them. Possible vulnerable areas include broken screens on doors and windows; unsealed window frames and door frames; cracks in the foundation and siding; and gaps around the areas where plumbing, cables, and wires enter the building. While it is most likely not possible to seal all possible cracks and crevices (especially if you have vinyl siding, or other decorative paneling), you will greatly reduce your chance of infestation. To create an even better line of defense, combine the above measures with an insecticide or insect repellant spray.

Boxelder Bug Control

Getting rid of Boxelder bugs requires some no-nonsense preventative measures (see above) and the application of low-impact, but effective, insecticide or insect repellent. Bain Pest Control’s Home Protection Plan will offer protection from Boxelder bugs (and many other pests), and we can also offer single treatments for Boxelder bugs, as well.

Our pest management professionals will fully evaluate your home or office, and create a custom solution to safely and effectively eliminate any Boxelder bug infestation.

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