Flea, Pulex irritans
Flea, Pulex irritans

Fleas are approximately 1/8 inch long and are reddish brown to black. They feed on blood and can cause irritations to both pets and people.

Adult fleas spend most of there time on the animal, not the carpet, Treatment of the pet is as important as treating the living areas. Ninety percent of the flea population including the eggs, larva and pupae are found on the pet.

Adult fleas may lay 50 eggs per day on a pet. Some eggs will fall off the pet into the carpet or any other area the pet has been traveling or resting.

Flea eggs develop into worm like larvae. The larvae develop into a cocoon for two weeks which is resistant to insecticides. This is why fleas may be present for a period of time after the application.

Proper flea control includes a residual insecticide application to the infested areas. Infested pets must receive a flea treatment by a veterinarian or the pet owner. Proper preparations must be performed prior to the service including daily vacuuming.

  • Common problem with dogs & cats
  • Adult fleas spend 90% of its time on pet
  • Pets pick up fleas outdoors

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