Ground Beetle

Ground BeetleGround Beetle is a very large family of beetles–tens of thousands exist globally, and about two dozen (give or take) reside in New England. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but they generally share a few traits in common: large, round abdomens (the majority of their body), shiny carapace, and ridges on their wing-covers (external, resting on the abdomen). While they are generally beneficial in small numbers, they can become a pest and a nuisance when in great numbers.

The most common ground beetle that Bain’s pest control technicians encounter in the common black ground beetle. It possess the common traits listed above, and is colored an inky, metallic black. The common black ground beetle is an invasive species, and while it does feed on nuisance insects, it can also prey upon beneficial animals, such as other beetles and earthworms. Because it is invasive, it has no natural predators and it can easily multiply quickly. Aside from preying on beneficial organisms, they are largish and can release an unpleasant odor when disturbed; therefore, a large number of ground beetles can inhibit outdoor activities.

Common Black Ground Beetle Facts

  • ~ ½ inch long
  • shiny black in color
  • ridges on wing-covers
  • large, oval abdomen
  • found outdoors almost exclusively

Ground Beetle Control & Prevention

While in small numbers the ground beetle is a beneficial insect, but in large numbers they can harm beneficial organism counts and become a nuisance to homeowners. Ground beetles prefer to nest under logs, rocks, and other dark, moist areas. Limit the number of areas they have to shelter if you’re experiencing an unwieldy number of the insects. If you’re truly inundated, the best way to control populations is to reach out to a pest management professional.

Bain Pest Control offers low-impact ground beetle control treatments that can safely and effectively lower ground beetle populations around your home or office. We’ll provide a full inspection the property, recommend and implement a control plan, and set-up a monitoring plan to ensure that the problem is eliminated.

Contact us today to learn how Bain can help you control ground beetles. Call us at 800-272-3661 or submit a request form online.

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