Pill Bug

Pill BugThe official name of the pill bug–also affectionately referred to as the roly poly–is Armadillidiidae. The first section of the name, which is shared with the armored mammal the Armadillo, refers to the “armor plating” which covers the back of the pill bug. When threaten, the pill pug will roll into a defensive ball, protecting it’s softer, vulnerable legs and underside.

The pill bug is not considered dangerous or particularly bothersome to humans; however, they can become pests to homeowners when they breed in large numbers. They frequent gardens, feeding on detritus and plant matter, and can invade a home while searching for food and shelter.

Pill Bug Unrolling

Pill Bug Facts

  • ~ ½ to ¾ inch long
  • Dark Brown to Blackish Grey in color
  • Rolls into ball when threatened
  • Overlapping “plates” like an armadillo

Pill Bug Control & Prevention

Pill bugs thrive in a moist environment with plenty of decaying plant matter. To control pill bug populations in your yard, make sure to practice proper landscape maintenance. Rake and aerate mulch beds and lawns, and remove leaves, dead plants, etc from the area.

In order to prevent pill bugs from entering your home, make sure to inspect your home for vulnerable areas: specifically, look for cracks, gaps, and openings in the foundation, around windows and doors, at the areas where wires and piping enter the house, and breaks in the foundation / siding. Pill bugs like a moist environment, and are often found in damp cellars and garages; by using a dehumidifier and eliminating leaks and excess moisture, you can make these areas less appealing to pill bugs.

In addition to the above, having a seasonal pest management plan can help prevent pill bugs from becoming a nuisance. Bain Pest Control offers a comprehensive and affordable plan called the Home Protection Plan, which offers inspection services, preventative treatments, emergency treatment coverage, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring. It’s an excellent way to keep pill bugs and other nuisance pest away!

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