West Conifer Seed Bug

West Conifer Seed BugOften confused with the stink bug due to a similar shape and the ability to release a bitter smell, the West Conifer Seed Bug is a tree bug that feeds on the sap of conifer trees (its preference) or other trees. While their name implies they are a Western insect, they have extended their range across the US, and are now a common sighting in New England. In this region, it will feed on the sap of the Eastern White Pine Tree and Red Pine Tree.

When present in large numbers, the West Conifer Seed Bug can damage and potentially kill trees; especially younger, developing trees. Homeowners with yards and trees should keep an eye out for potential problems. As the weather cools, they will often try and move indoors to shelter. In areas with large forested areas, they can often invade a home in large numbers, creating a big and unsettling infestation.

West Conifer Seed Bug Facts

  • ~ ¾ inch long
  • Brown & Black coloring
  • Small, pointed head
  • Square “shoulders,” wings the length of body
  • Bitter smell used to deter predators

West Conifer Seed Bug Control & Prevention

West Conifer Seed Bugs can be difficult to prevent from the areas around the house. If your trees are under threat from a large conglomeration of seed bugs, the only sure solution is to have the trees treated. West Conifer Seed Bugs can be successfully prevented from entering your home, though.

The first step in preventing seed bugs from infesting your home is to due a thorough inspection in the late summer. Once the weather cools, expect west conifer seed bugs to begin to look for shelter for the cooler months. Examine around the outside of the home or building. Take note of any openings around doors and windows, in home siding / paneling, around areas where cables and pipes enter the house, and look for cracks in the foundation. All of these openings should be closed, caulked, or repaired if possible. In addition, a light insecticide and/or repellent can be applied to the exterior of the home and and vulnerable interior areas.

Always be careful when applying and choosing pesticides. When in doubt, consult a pest management professional. At Bain, we’re always happy to help you choose the right treatment option. In addition to free consultation, we also offer best-in-the-industry treatment plans.

West Conifer Seed Bug Control Experts

If you’re noticing a high number of seed bugs and want to prevent an infestation this fall and winter, Bain Pest Control Service offers customized seed bug treatments. We combine inspection, application, and monitoring into an effective, affordable package.

We highly recommend our Home Protection Plan, which offers coverage against west conifer seed beetles AND most of New England’s common pests. With three inspections and treatments (if needed) a year, you’ll be protected from pests year round!

Contact us today to learn more about how Bain can help treat and prevent your seed bug problems. Consultation is always free! Call 800-272-3661 or complete an online request form.

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