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Trusted with Residential Pest Control in New England since 1926...

Your home is your refuge and there is no place for pests, or the stresses associated with them. We’ve been around for over 90 years, and our primary concern has always been helping our community secure their homes against everything from termites to ticks, mosquitoes to mice. We’ve kept the same commitment to quality but have continued to innovate in our technologies and methods: guaranteeing you great, dependable residential pest control in Massachusetts and the greater New England area.

The Bain Difference

When you partner with Bain, you’re not getting just a chemical application. You’re getting a team of service professionals, entomologists, and customer care professionals using a combination of observational methods, sanitary and structural controls, and, when necessary, careful, low-impact chemical applications. Every treatment plan is customized based on your particular situation and concerns. We’ll work around your needs; there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

But, truly, we offer the best residential pest control in Rhode Island (and beyond) because we hire and retain the best service professionals in the business. The industry has changed, and pest management isn’t about just applying (or spraying) a product. Our service professionals are a combination of a structural biologists, home inspectors, entomologists, educators, and technicians. You can be sure that when you partner with Bain, your Service Pro will be communicative, courteous, and will treat your home or business with care.

Residential Pest Control in New Hampshire & Surrounding States

At a high level, we can offer two core types of service: pest-specific plans and our Home Protection Plan (HPP). Our pest-specific plans will, as the name implies, focus on removing and excluding a specific pest. These are generally “one-off” (we’ll generally provide coverage over a set time period). Our Home Protection Plan will provide coverage against a number of the most common pests, and we’ll monitor and provide service over the course of the entire year.

pest control for home and business

Home Protection Plan

A Bain Quality CARE Home Protection Plan will provide immediate attention to your existing pest issue and will subsequently provide three seasonal services throughout the year to help protect your home, in a low impact and effective manner.

We will protect your home from a myriad of pests, such as:
If a pest issue arises in between scheduled services, just pick up the phone and give us a call. We will provide treatments, if needed, in between your scheduled services, at no additional cost, for pests covered by the program.

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Quality CARE Agreement

We believe that our commitment to our customers is more than just dealing with pests. It’s about making you feel safe, clean, and content in your home or business. We care about you, your family, and your business. We summarize our commitment in our Quality CARE Agreement:

Consistency · Accountability · Responsiveness · Effectiveness

We promise to provide consistently great service, remain accountable for our work, be responsive to your needs, and always use the most effective (and safe) tactics in creating your pest management strategy.

Additional Pest Control Services

While a majority of pests are covered under our Home Protection Programs and Commercial Pest Control programs, Bain offers individualized pest control treatment plans for those insects and pests not included in our HPP.

Not Ready?

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