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At Bain Pest Control, we’ve been servicing the greater New England area for over 90 years. That means we’re not just the Rhode Island pest control company you need, we’re the pest control Rhode Island company you deserve.

Bain Pest Control’s service extends throughout northern Rhode Island. Pest control companies are not all created equally, and we pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry. But pest control in Rhode Island isn’t just a one-stop shop like other locations. Thanks to the several unique geographic locations in the state customary to New England – from inner cities to suburbs to homes located on the water and in wooded and coastal areas, pest control in Rhode Island is a complicated equation. And with the diversification of geographical regions of the state comes a broader invitation for pests invading your homes and businesses.

Fortunately for you, we provide the best pest control Rhode Island has to offer, and our extensively trained experts will provide the ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Rhode Island Pest Control: Bain’s History in the Ocean State

Our founder, Abraham Bain, set his roots just a quick drive outside northern Rhode Island in the Merrimack Valley hub city of Lowell, Mass., and tirelessly worked to create the New England pest control company of choice. Northern Rhode Island pest control has been a priority for Bain Pest Control since its inception in 1926, and we’ve been working with northern Rhode Island home and business owners to create pest-free environments ever since.

Over 90 years later, we think it’s safe to say Mr. Bain succeeded in making Bain the go-to pest management provider in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island’s state motto is simply “Hope,” though we’d understand why some Rhode Islanders might feel hopeless when their homes or businesses are invaded with pests! But it’s in that spirit that we aim to be the leading pest management company that residents and business owners alike turn to when unwanted critters crawl into their lives.

Today, we are a privately held pest control corporation that has been in continuous operation in New England. One of the first members of the New England and National Pest Control Associations, our company has grown to become one of the premier pest control companies serving New England.

Bain Pest Control still is a family business to this day, and its current president is Abraham’s grandson, Jeffery L. Bain.

For three generations, Bain’s commitment has been to build and maintain a place of professionalism and integrity in the eyes of our customers, our employees, and the public.

At Bain, we’re committed to excellence. We’ve built our reputation on it. Part of that excellence means quality results for you that are done right the first time, every time. But there is more that goes into that excellence than just the finished product and excellent customer service you see.

Before our Bain technicians ever interact with customers, they’re put through an extensive education and training program to ensure that every employee meets our high standards. This process includes niche education specific to your Rhode Island pest control needs, as well as vetting potential employees for expertise and service standards, our industry-leading curriculum and classroom-based education program, field training with an experienced Bain Pest Control technician, plus ongoing education and training after the initial three month process.

Additionally, we abide by the laws and regulations of pest control in Rhode Island, and maintain updated pest control licenses everywhere we practice. Furthermore, our commitment to excellence means we’re a part of several New England and Rhode Island-specific pest control associations that help make our industry safer and better each day.

Maine Pest Control Offices

In addition to our central headquarters in Hudson, NH. – which puts us right in the heart of the Merrimack Valley and Middlesex County, with easy access to southern Maine and New Hampshire, Boston, northern Rhode Island, and several major highways – we currently have coverage areas for all of northern Rhode Island, which gives us the ability to have emergency availability for all of your northern Rhode Island pest control needs.

Our Rhode Island pest control coverage region extends throughout the northern part of the state. With an office in North Attleborough, Mass., just outside Rhode Island state lines, and several technician routes running through northern Rhode Island, we’re capable of quickly addressing emergencies or scheduling new and/or routine inspections and services for customers from Providence on north.

Whether you need residential pest control service or commercial service, need help with bed bugs, birds, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, or ticks, Bain Pest Control is your trusted source for pest control in Rhode Island!

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