Termite Control Services in New England

termitesTermites consume wood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This means they can cause structural damage to your home or business in a short period of time. In fact, it is estimated that termites cause over five billion dollars in damage each year! Homeowner insurance does not typically cover termite damage so protecting your investment is a must. Bain Pest Control offers two very effective termite control methods to protect your home or business. Our pest control professional will provide an evaluation for your property and provide a customized treatment program.

Termite Baiting

Sentricon Colony Elimination System

sentricon termite baiting systemBain Pest Control is an authorized operator of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. Sentricon provides protection to your property with a minimal amount of disruption to the structure or the environment. This “Green Approach” to termite control uses only small amounts of pesticides to eliminate the termite colonies.

Sentricon with Always Active technology features innovative Recruit HD termite bait, which is inserted into all Sentricon stations upon installation. Recruit HD termite bait is highly durable in the soil, resistant to degradation; highly desirable to termites,and preferred over wood in laboratory and field tests. It is highly dense with more than double the amount of termite colony-killing bait in a single device than any other bait. Thousands of homeowners and businesses including the White House and the Statue of Liberty have chosen Sentricon for their termite control needs.

Termite Liquid Treatments

termidor termiticide barrier treatmentConventional liquid termiticide treatments have been protecting properties for over fifty years. Liquid treatments provide a continuous barrier around and beneath the soil to protect your structure from termite invasion. Bain is a registered Termidor partner. This non-repellent termiticide has proven results with over 10 years of testing.

Other Wood Destroying Insects

Termites aren’t the only possible insect that could destroy the wood of your home or business. In case you have another wood destroying insect problem, Bain offers inspection/identification services for the following:

For new home buyers, home sellers, or realtors, we also offer Wood Destroying Insect Inspections & Reports. Call us today to inquire!

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