Wildlife Control Services

Wildlife control, or nuisance wildlife management, is the process of very carefully removing pests from your property. Squirrels, raccoons and skunks as well as opossums, woodchucks and moles can obviously cause headaches for New England homeowners and property managers.

Because of the damage that many of these pests can do to your property or garden, taking care of pests right away is critical. Many pests can, unfortunately, become habituated to the presence of humans and become even more aggressive in the destruction of your property.

Raccoons and opossums might even pose risks to your pets if not handled by a pest control specialist. On top of that, moles and woodchucks can deface your property by digging holes and building burrows in your lawn.

All of this property damage can be a problem in its own right, but it can also significantly detract from your home’s property value. If you’re a property owner, a bunch of holes in the lawn of a commercial building or apartment complex can deter business and consumer interest in renting out apartments.

If left unchecked, raccoons and other pests can even find their way into your home. It’s not an uncommon sight in New England to find squirrels and raccoons make their way into homes through crawlspaces, basements and unsealed attics. Wildlife control is the only reliable way of dealing with this problem for good.

Humane Wildlife Control

Pest management, removal and exclusion are all essential to the wildlife control process. Bain’s pest management experts can also help you remove squirrels, raccoons and other pests with minimal inconvenience. At Bain, the wildlife management process is always carried out humanely.

The end result of the process is safely capturing and removing pests from your property. To get to that point, though, first requires correctly identifying the pest that’s causing you problems. Once the type of pest has been identified, pest management experts have a much better idea about what steps to take.

Different pests can cause different kinds of damage to your property, potentially carry different diseases, and require different kinds of safe removal procedures. Taking basic steps like making sure your garbage lid is closed and that your home is well-sealed can help reduce the chances that raccoons can find a way in.

Only a pest management expert can safely remove a pest from your property. Raccoons can be temporarily deterred with ammonia, and repellants in conjunction with habitat modification, glue traps, and sonic emitters can keep pests away short term. That said, the only truly permanent solution is making your home less hospitable to pests and having them professionally removed from your property.

Fences and nets can be placed by pest management experts around your garden so that birds or insects can’t wreak damage. For larger pests, exclusion methods frequently include traps and safe removal from your property.

Pest Management Professionals

The trained and experienced staff at Bain Pest Control is focused on more eco-friendly, more humane ways of removing pests from your property.

Instead of focusing on old-school methods like spraying and the use of chemicals, Bain’s pest management professionals seek to minimize—and where possible, eliminate—the use of chemicals while maximizing effective pest management for residential and commercial clients.

Bain Pest Control serves most of New England, including: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

Here is a list of the most common pests in New England that Bain’s pest management specialists know how to handle. Bain provides free pest identification services to homeowners and business owners while focusing on the C.A.R.E. method (consistency, accountability, responsibility, and effectiveness) and integrated pest management.

So, what is integrated pest management all about? As with the wildlife control process described above, the first step for effective integrated pest management is correctly identifying the pest that’s causing you trouble or looking for places where pests might make inroads into your home.

Then, Bain’s pest management professionals select a humane control method, implement that chosen control method, and follow-up with you to find out how the experience went and whether it completely solved your issues. Control methods run the gamut from placing screens, nets and traps to habitat modification aimed at making your property less hospital to pests in the first place.

Getting in Touch

To get the integrated pest management process started, call Bain Pest Control directly at 800-272-3661 or leave a message through this contact page. The first step to preventing and eliminating pests starts with contacting our pest management specialists.

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