Commercial Pest Control Service

Our commercial pest control in New England helps businesses create the safe, clean environments they need to work.

Your business is built to handle all sorts of uncertainties, but dealing with pests shouldn’t be one of them. When you become an interactive partner with Bain, you’re bringing 90 years of pest management experience to your team. We’ve built and developed our commercial services department from the ground up to meet the needs of each unique industry we serve.

This isn’t one-size-fits-all, reactive pest control. Our partners get proactive service and customized programs so they never have to worry about a pest becoming a problem.

What We Bring

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

All our commercial pest control programs are created, and customized, using the concept of IPM (integrated pest management). IPM is the idea that pest control is more than just the application of a product on a problem. In many ways, it is the opposite of what is the common caricature of an “exterminator.” According to IPM, the best way to deal with, and understand, a pest problem is by using a holistic lens: we must understand the immediate environment (inside and out), the pest, the needs of the customer, and any complicating factors.

Once we understand the detailed situation, we can use the right mix of tactics to create a pest control strategy. The most commons four tools are: cultural & preventive practices, physical & mechanical controls, biological agents, and, finally, chemical controls. For clients, this makes Bain the go-to pest control in Rhode Island and the greater New England area.

Integrated Pest Management is Physical & Mechanical Controls, Cultural & Preventative Practices, Biological Agents, and Chemical Controls
Active Monitoring, Agile Plans

An IPM program is not a static, unchanging plan. The overriding mechanism of the plans we create is active monitoring. Our pest control professionals are a combination of structural biologists, building inspectors, entomologists, educators, and technicians; your service professional and account manager will work with you to monitor the situation and keep your plan evolving throughout the year, the seasons, and the growth of your business. All of this monitoring gets sent to you in regular reports and in-person or over-the-phone briefings.

Quality CARE Agreement

Baked into the very fabric of Bain Pest Control is our Quality CARE Agreement. We’ve been in business for over 90 years because we believe we’re here to make the lives of our customers better (or, at the very least, less stressful). We express these values in our Quality CARE Agreement:

Quality CARE

We believe that our commitment to our customers is more than just dealing with pests. It’s about making you feel safe, clean, and productive in your place of business. We care about you, your employees, and your business. We summarize our commitment in our Quality CARE Agreement:

Consistency · Accountability · Responsiveness · Effectiveness

We promise to provide consistently great service, remain accountable for our work, be responsive to your needs, and always use the most effective (and safe) tactics in creating your pest management strategy.

Quality CARE Commercial Elite Plan

The Bain Quality CARE Commercial Elite Program was developed for clients in high-tech industries, pharmaceutical manufacturing & development, food manufacturing & processing, hospitals, universities, schools, and other industries that are under the microscope from outside audits, inspections, and regulators. If your business is subject to inspections from your customers or outside agencies, or, if you perform scrutinizing internal audits, this is the plan for you.

Customized for you and utilizing the latest in monitoring, reporting, and bar-code technology, we can provide you with time-stamped, detailed, electronic reports of services that have been performed within your facility and develop trend reports that can help identify where pests may be gaining access. These programs, along with structured communication, all add up to a quality program that even the toughest auditors can appreciate.

If you’re looking for pest control services in New Hampshire and beyond, Bain Pest Control is the solution you need.

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