Carpenter Bees

Carpenter BeeWe share the natural world with many types of insects, but when they threaten the comfort, enjoyment, and safety of your yard, it’s time to take action. If you’ve got an issue with Carpenter Bees, exterminators from Bain Pest Control can effectively treat your Carpenter Bee infestation and safely remove them. We practice a variety of advanced methods and techniques to help take care of your problem.


Carpenter Bees can resemble bumblebees, They excavate and drill through the wood in your home making tunnels and chambers where they nest. This can be: Doors, Window Areas, Roof Eaves and Overhangs, Railings, Wood Shingles and Siding, and even Outdoor Wood Furniture.We will treat these areas with chemical and nonchemical means to exterminate before sealing entry points. We can also suggest ways to prevent future infestations.


While nature can often coexist peacefully outside your home, it is impoartant to maintain a bee-free environment. When bees are taking up residence in your own home, it’s important to get rid of the problem before they cause extensive property damage.


carpenter bee illustration

  • Resembles Bumblebees
  • Course frass (looks like sawdust)
  • Exit hole – round ½”
  • Attack Soft Wood
  • Hibernate in tunnels during the winter
  • Usually attack unpainted objects such as doors, windowsills, roof eaves, shingles, railings, telephone poles, and sometimes wooden lawn furniture
  • Male Carpenter bees do not sting and females rarely sting

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